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Lightening modified

Thought I would share a few more of my non-portrait photos that I’ve taken over the years. The lightning shot was, unfortunately, a lucky shot with the right settings. Hasn’t happened since; though can’t really say I’ve tried.

Oh what a night!

I took this one after work one night; I was so happy to have my camera with me. This is straight out of camera except for cropping and cloning out of a light post. I just love the colors in the sky.

Living Aloe

This was an attempt at a) exposure bracketing and b) pseudo HDR. The exposure bracketing worked great for this since it was taken indoors looking out. The HDR process I used – which as it turns out, really wasn’t an HDR process at all – turned out to be time consuming and a frustrating learning process in photoshop. I basically stacked the 3 images and then selected and masked out the areas I wanted to show through.

I did not do it perfectly – in terms of selecting – so there are many noticable black edges, especially around the plant. Still, I liked the way it turned out and think it has sort of a 3D quality about it.