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Atletico de Mad1

I was volunteered to take pictures of a work client’s product to use in a PowerPoint presentation.

I’ve never done product photography, but have read several do-it-yourself (DIY) threads on how to go about it, specifically, how to make a lightbox.

So, in an effort to do it right – or close to it – I made a crude lightbox out of a copy paper box and some white tissue paper (similar to this one); then bought some cheap small clamp lights (pictured here) and daylight energy saver light bulbs, since I still don’t have an external flash. For the background I used some white posterboard.

The results came out pretty decent for a down and dirty lightbox construction. Overall I spent about $35 for the clamp lights, bulbs and posterboard. And, it got me thinking…I wonder if anyone local offers these types of services?

Note: the image above is not the work client’s product, but a coworker’s statue that I used to practice with. The image has not been tweaked (other than crop); it’s straight out of camera (SOOC).