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This is one of the product shots I took yesterday with the new lightbox. I was so thrilled with the way they turned out. SOOC, the results were alright, though the background was not bright white and had a slight gradient in it. Therefore, it did not look good against a white background in, for example, a powerpoint slideshow. So, I did some processing primarily geared towards selecting the background and recoloring it white.

All the other images were sealed product; this image, however, is my absolute fave in terms of composition and the way the product is displayed. It did prove more difficult, however, in selecting only the background to turn it white, while keeping the shadows from the scoop and the pieces of product intact. Overall, I’m quite happy with both the shoot and the processing results.

One little thing that I noticed later in processing is the reflection of the fluorescent ceiling lights, which appear like little yellow horizontal strips at the top of the jar, just below the lid. I cloned those out of some of the images…apparently forgot to do so in this one. It’s not that noticeable…until you notice it; then it’s quite distracting.

Now…anybody need a picture of their product?! 😉