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Against the cloudy sky

I try to make a habit of carrying my camera with me at all times. Some days I wonder why, because it never comes out of the bag. Some days I walk out of the house without it, because either I’m rushing to get me and my toddler out the door, or because it just seems like one of those days that a photo opportunity will not arise. Of course, those are the days I wish I had my camera most.

I took my camera to work with me yesterday because it was a coworker’s last day, we were having a mini-party, and I thought some might light a picture with him. As it turned out, I had a client meeting that lasted most of the morning and as a result, I completely missed the party.

After catching up with what I’d missed of the goodies everyone had brought, it was lunch time and I was far from hungry, so I took my camera and walked outside just to see what I might find. Lo and behold a beautiful butterfly was hanging around the butterfly bush just outside and he was not adverse to having his picture taken. He flew all about while I walked in circles trying to catch him at various angles.

It was a nice calming way to spend my lunch hour, and reinforcement of the belief that I should always have my camera with me wherever I go.