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Studio Doors-Tripped Out

Fortunately, my “day job” allows me some freedom and flexibility with fostering my growing passion with photography. In fact, they are starting to count on it, which I’m not quite sure is a good thing…

Regardless, a recent event provided opportunity for me to practice capturing some of the details that normally would not be captured from regular snapshots. Now, I’m not planning on getting into event photography any time soon, a wedding would absolutely scare the bejeebus out of me, but still…never too early to practice for “some day”.

What I tried to focus on (haha, get it? focus! moving on…) was practicing at different apertures to get the desired look I wanted.  The shot above is a cropped, flipped and heavily processed version of a shot I took through the glass doors. Here is the original shot:

Studio Doors

I like how it ended up, but only because it was a test of my creativity and photoshop skills, not because the director particularly loved it.

E Spotlight

The above shot was, sadly, not my own brainchild, but came from the director who suggested using the attendee gift (a book light) to highlight the fact sheet for the program. Once she conceptualized it, I did everything I could to make it happen, and was pretty pleased with the results – especially since this shot is straight out of camera.  She proposed using it on their website, but to date I have not yet seen it used.

The Setting 2

Lessons learned taking these shots:

  • There are no bad angles, only forgotten ones. It seems I tend to look at things one way, and I really must challenge myself to look at things from new and different angles.
  • Sometimes you have to pose the details; in other words move items around to get a different perspective, or capture the image in your mind.
  • Arrive early. There’s no way I would’ve taken any of these if I’d waited til the guests arrived. Even though the caterers look at you funny while you take pictures of the table settings, it’s well worth it. 😉