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My dear friend, Valerie, has referred me to another person to possibly take photographs of their 2 year old and family. The first referral from her was the engagement photos for her friend Liz and fiance, Karl. That was pro bono, but I was so happy to do it, I didn’t care.

This one would be a paid shoot, and I have sent my price sheet to the potential client.

Oddly enough, I know her. Her son and mine started at the daycare together, and she works in a department for which I regularly do database consulting, so I run into her from time to time. Recently, upon seeing her at her office, she invited me to participate in a mom’s group that was newly formed, so we’ve now started seeing each other once a month at those meetings. When Valerie mentioned her name, I knew immediately who she was, and have since decided that it must be fate that we become friends!

Hopefully, any future photo shoot won’t ruin that… 😉