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Selectively Colored Hostas

I’ve been on a kick recently to try new things w/ my post processing. Generally, my goal in post is to keep it natural looking. It’s so easy to overdo it, and sometimes, I would agree, that pushing things to an artsy limit produces great results. However, for the most part, I like to keep things simple and natural.

When I got home yesterday, I found that a single rose had bloomed quite nicely on our rose bush, and that the Hostas were open, enjoying the sunshine. Now, I enjoy taking photos of flowers and what not, but it’s not necessarily my primary interest.  Every now and then I’ll get a bug to go take their picture. Yesterday was one of those days.

I took only a few, trying to be quick and yet capture the beauty I saw with my eyes. When I downloaded the images, they were nice, but…the white balance was off due to an earlier shoot. Therefore, post was required regardless. It got my mind racing.

Hostas in the Light

What can I do to make these more interesting? Black and white was my initial thought, as I’m starting to get into learning more about different ways to process b/w: red filter, green filter, blue filter, and a host of variances in between.

I’m not a big “selective color” processor. I like it, when used in certain (indefinable) situations and moderation, and, for the most part, have never actually finalized a photo w/ selective coloring. The first image above just begged for it. I tested it, and low and behold, it worked for me.

The second image is not necessarily that interesting, with the exception of the water drops. I tried to bring those more into focus with the choice of framing I used. Honestly, I’m not really sure I accomplished that, but I liked the end result.

This last image is straight out of camera. I liked it not only because the entire flower was sharply in focus, but because the white balance was still set to the earlier shoot and it makes the rose appear orange in color, instead of its natural pink. The position of the sun gave it a nice rim highlight and adequate shadowing to provide dimension.
A Single Rose
I hope you have enjoyed these. Thank you for looking.