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I recently started to develop an interest in using textures in my post processing. Sometimes I find them overused or somewhat distracting, but what I’m realizing is that they can be very effective for minimizing or eliminating crappy backgrounds.

I’m sure my skills could use a lot of work. I tried various ways of getting the texture to work in the three images I processed over the weekend. Layers, of course, are a must. Overlay works, but you still see the crappy background. Eliminating the background totally is fine, but then you have the edges to contend with. Selecting is still something I wrestle with when my subject has whispy hairs, or finite detail to maneauver around. And, there’s a fine line between what’s okay to blend or fade into the background and what should not.

So far, I’m finding the whole thing quite tedious, but still, think the results are nice if I spend the time perfecting it.

If I’m going to do more of this, I see the need for a Wacom tablet is in my future.

I especially like this image taken of my sister-in-law. She loves penguins (hence the tattoo), and purple is her favorite color. Though I liked the texture, it seemed to be missing something. I found a silhouette image of the swimming penguins from a creative common licensed image on flickr and thought it would look nice out to the side. It totally completed my vision.

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