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Shine Down

This is not a particularly great picture, but given the week I’m having, it is quite apropos.  I have had very little time to think about photography this week, and the few spare minutes in the evening that I have had, I have just not had the energy to do much.

It’s strange, but the fact that I haven’t taken any pictures in the past few days is actually having a very negative effect on me.

Usually, I carry my camera with me to work. Even if I never take it out of the bag, I’m happy knowing that I can. This week, I haven’t bothered because I knew I had a work project that I had to tackle and figured it best to minimize the temptation. Then I pulled a bonehead move after a full days worth of work on Monday and completely overwrote everything I did with an old copy of the file from last week. In the matter of a split second, two days worth of work disappeared. So yesterday was spent catching up with myself (almost), and today will be spent getting the rest of the way there and (hopefully) then some.

Also nagging at me is the fact that two people have approached me about taking portraits of their children, yet neither one has called to set up a time. I don’t know if their schedules are interfering or if they’ve changed their mind. It’s a busy time with school starting and all, so I can understand and am trying to be patient. I’d just like to know one way or the other.

So, no photography and no blog posts. The only photography-related thing I’ve done is read, review and comment on images posted in my favorite forum: DPS.  Even there, my participation has been lacking lately.

I feel dreary. Drained. Overwhelmed. Which is why this image is so appropriate right now. I need the sun to shine on me; to see the rays of light and hope that comes with knowing that this too shall pass, and that I have the strength to persevere through all that I must tackle and get back to doing what I love.