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Clean Windows

I get very tired of the pop-up flash on my camera and have tried just about every DIY suggestion out there for diffusing it. Over the weekend I decided to try a new trick: the business card bouncer.

I cannot tell you the joy that exploded in my heart after seeing the results of this little trick!!!

No more hot spots on the forehead, nose tip and chin.*

No more shadows – diffused or otherwise – on the wall behind my subject.*

No more weird color casts and gradients from the flash hitting my subject directly.*

No more pin lights from the flash dead center in my subject’s pupils.*

*No more provided I have a white wall nearby from which to bounce the light; minor detail. πŸ˜‰

My beautiful son allowed me to practice using the card by taking photographs of him, of which I hardly have any, let me assure you (yea, right!).Β  I was absolutely thrilled with the results, and the catch lights that resulted.

The photo above was taken with the bounced flash. No processing was done other than to convert it to black/white with a red filter. I just love it.