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A Gentle Heart

I work full time. I have a 2 year old. I have a husband. I already have one small side business building databases for local small businesses and university departments. Yet, I really want my photography to take off. I want to market myself. I want to get out there and create memories for people that they can afford and treasure for a lifetime or longer.

But how much time do I really have to make that happen? How long will it take me to make the leap from being employed full-time to owning my own business full-time?

My fears lies within the answer.

I mean, honestly, I can’t just quit my job and take a leap of faith that my photography is going to sustain our livelihood as we know it. Besides, at this point, I have no studio, so even if I was booked for portraiture every weekend, at some point it’s going to be too cold and my income will come to a crashing halt.

I could develop a small marketing plan, print some business cards, develop a website (though I need more in terms of a portfolio), and attempt to get my name out there and attract some business through my network of friends and associates. This will work, but of course, the website takes time to build and, again, my portfolio is a little bit short at the moment. Though, I could use the time I have to start putting that together. However, given that winter will be upon us before we know it, I would prefer to get out there and shoot a few to get my feet wet (and have more to add to the ole portfolio).

Or, I could just wait, work on my portfolio, develop my website, invest in an online proofing site, and wait for the few people that have said they want me to take their pictures to actually call me and set a date.

…seriously, people. The waiting for those two people who’ve said they would to call me is frustrating. Call me!!!! Set a date!! PLEASE!

Ugh. Don’t beg. They will call. They have lives too. It will happen when it happens.

I just don’t know at what pace I should be moving at this point. I love taking pictures of my own child, but I can only use so many of those in a portfolio. I’ve taken several (adult) portraits at no charge, and am feeling like I should start charging for my time and work (maybe I should do more freebies).  I don’t want to put myself out there and have so much business I cannot accommodate it all, because then my reputation would be on the line.

So, after all this rambling…where am I?! Still working in my full-time job, waiting for my phone to ring, thinking I’m worth charging for yet have no clients to charge.

One step at a time, I guess. I will get there.

Have I mentioned patience is not my best virtue? Umm…yeah.

Coming soon: A real business plan for my photography business, which will not include the emotional outburst of impatience displayed above.