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As I consider the type of photography I see myself doing, the competition that exists in my market area, and creating a niche for myself in this business, I keep coming back to the possibilities of product photography. To my knowledge, there is no one currently promoting this type of service to local businesses, many of whom sell their products online.

The pros of this type of business might include: being able to work from home, at any hour of the day, little to no overhead costs, virtually endless supply of potential clients depending on my market area. Some limitations that come to mind include the size and type of product that I could accommodate initially, and meeting the customers’ expectations for something that goes above and beyond a good picture of their product on a white background.

It definitely gives me something to keep in mind and is easy to practice with everyday household items. Reflective surfaces come be made from a variety of materials, and there’s always room for building a better lightbox.  My experience with this so far has opened up the possibilities, though, of targeting this type of service to local businesses and I intend to continue to hone my skills and look for ways to improve the quality I can offer future customers.