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My Angel

In an attempt to continue my learning and mastery of new skills, I attempted to shoot into the sun. There are certain captures with lens flare that turn out so beautiful, but I’ve never really attempted to master it. I always thought it was a result, but never really considered that you could control it.

Given that I’m taking snaps of my son as  he plays about the yard, I only have brief moments of opportunity to practice. This shot was a result of that, with which, for the most part, I was fairly happy. I wish I could see his face, but would have needed either a reflector – which is impossible to carry around and keep up with him – or possibly an external flash – which I don’t have yet. At the time, I didn’t even attempt the pop up flash, so next time an opportunity presents itself, I might see if that helps.

Otherwise, I like the semi-silhouette, as well as the lens flare which I brought out a bit more in processing (saturation).  I love the warm glowing colors within the image. I didn’t straighten it, as I kind of liked the tilt. Not a fan of the house in the background, but kind of hard to avoid in this situation given where he was in relation to the light, and the fact that I was shooting with the 70-300mm, and didn’t have much room in which to move about.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting.