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pink drop

Sometimes I find that I constantly have a camera in my face; yet other times I feel like I don’t have it in my face enough. I take many many pictures of my son, yet, in an effort to develop my creativity and broaden my portfolio, continuously snapping images of him tend to stifle my brain’s ability to think outside the box.

Yesterday I decided to try – again – to get some good water drop shots. I’ve tried a couple of other times, but my problems lie in that a) I don’t have an external flash which would help immensely and b) I keep trying the same old boring methods. I’ve read tutorials on how to do it, yet when it comes to setting up my mind is blank. Still, I keep trying.

Out of about 100 shots or more yesterday, this was probably the best. It’s not as sharp as I would’ve liked, and there is motion blur due to the slower shutter speed. 1/60 just doesn’t cut it when photographing moving water. Since I was bouncing my flash, I could’ve upped the shutter to 1/200, but for some reason, that thought never occurred to me.


I was using red colored water and dropping it into plain water, which is why it has a pink hue. The darker gray/black at the top is a result of the shadow coming from the background paper. After processing it – basically sharpening, adjusting levels and curves to taste, bumping contrast, lowering saturation, and reducing noise, I added a vignette and was relatively happy with it. The motion blur added a nice effect in that it appears the water drop is somewhat on fire… or at least it does to me. 🙂

Thanks for looking.