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Struttin thru the Maize

About two months ago, I had two people interested in me taking portraits of their children, both around the same age as my son. Both had seen my price list. Both had told me they liked my pictures, felt I had reasonable prices, and would call me to set up a time.

Neither have called.

I considered emailing them a reminder, or potential dates, but I don’t want to seem pushy.  I indicated in a facebook status one day how the leaves were turning and fall was here, what a great time to have pictures taken…no response. I’m in this in-between stage of marketing myself and not jumping in with both feet.

scuba diving mexico

Now, the weather is soggy, fall has practically come and gone in a matter of two weeks, and the forecast is not looking good for outdoorsy fall portraits. I’m really afraid I’ve missed the boat this year on getting a client or two under my belt, and have a feeling I really need to start practicing with my indoor lighting. Maybe this time next year, I’ll have a place out of which I can operate and offer both outdoor and indoor photos.

Photo above taken at Breezy Hill Farm in their corn maze. What a great place for young children to play in a barn, corn pit, see/pet several types of animals, take a hay ride and get lost in a corn maze. We had a blast! Thanks, Breezy Hill!