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My son, who will be three in March, is really starting to love to play on the computer. There are several games he’s allowed to play at daycare, and we have several at home that he can play. It’s amazing to watch him use a one or a two button mouse, as well as a trackball, with such ease at his young age.

It’s also amazing to conceptualize how much more he will know about technology when he is 10, 20, or 30 years old, and how much it will most likely change between now and then.

I was in high school when home computers came out. I remember learning Word Perfect in DOS, and using Word Star. I was 20 when Windows 3.1 came out, and feel like I’ve grown up with technology and learned to use it to my advantage.

But kids today know so much more. Have access to 100x more than I ever did at 20, let alone 2! It’s amazing and at the same time scary.

For now, I will let him amaze me…