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My coworker, Jenna, appeased me last week and let me take close to 200 photos of her for practice. She was graduating from college the next day, so it seemed like a happy time to take her picture. Just down the road at the local arboretum…we went for the yellow flowers and stayed for the greenery.

A couple of things I’m learning as I process the photos from this half hour well spent is that I need to work on diversifying a number of things:

1. Posing – I want my models to look natural, but hands (ugh!) and stances can be so (naturally) awkward.

2. Shot lengths – I do close ups well. Enough already! Do something else. Back up. Back up farther. Farther still! I was using the 50mm on these, so it really requires me to move around…a lot!

3. Focal point – I tend to use the upper right point of the 9 I can choose from. It’s great for ensuring good composition, but gets boring when my model is always facing the same direction.

4. Wide aperture – Just because the lens goes to 1.8, doesn’t mean I need (or should) go there. There are so many things to consider at that wide of ap. One day, I’ll be ready, but not quite yet.

Thanks for looking. Would love to hear any/all thoughts if you care to share.