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I was late. She was late. Way late. Five minutes after she arrived, it started to sprinkle.  Neither of us had an umbrella. I just knew it was going to be a disaster, but we persevered and suffered the light rain since there was enough light and no lightning…yet.

We started on the dock and used the water as a backdrop. I love how smooth it looks, you can’t even tell it’s water (which is good, given the lack of water-blue hues).  Her inner diva didn’t take long to shine.

I tried to remember: variety. Close ups (check), head/shoulders (check), 3/4 length (check) and full body (check).  Backgrounds were an issue…a canoe sticking out the side of her neck here, a building growing out of her head there. DoF helps, but you can still tell it’s a building. Where oh where is that lovely open field of green, with wild yellow or purple flower patches scattered throughout providing variation but yet clean, uninterrupted surroundings?!

Per my suggestion, she brought a change of outfit; which worked out well given the weather. In an effort to get out of the rain, she changed clothes, and we worked in another spot just off the lake…one of the campus building courtyards. Her black dress worked really well for this spot, which has various iron sculptures, brick buildings, concrete pillars, and dark reflective windows.

After changing clothes and location, the sky got a bit darker and though it never really rained very hard, light was getting more difficult to come by. I had concerns because I know that if I raise my ISO above 400, I start to get a lot of noise. But, at the time, I had no choice if I wanted to get proper exposure.  Fortunately, with proper exposure, noise is minimized, and my aperture was wide enough (but not too wide) to get good sharp images, despite the high ISO.

All in all, I was happily surprised with the results of these images, both straight out of camera, and after processing. She was such a natural, I didn’t have to worry too much about posing her, though I realize it’s still something to work on. Her hair and makeup was spot on (she is a beauty consultant, so makes sense 😉 ). Even though it rained and I was concerned about the location and the light, this is by far the best session I’ve had to date.

She was absolutely thrilled with the photos, and I was excited to see how easy processing can be when images are taken correctly in-camera. This session gave me a real boost, and I can only hope to achieve these kinds of results consistently in future sessions.