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I thought it wasn’t going to happen at first. This kid did NOT want to have his picture taken, but after 15 minutes or so of playing on the playground equipment, he was ready to go. And by the end, I think he even kind of liked me.

This portrait building session was a real challenge for me. Even though we started at 5:30pm, the sun was still high and bright in the sky. Next time, we’ll make it 6:30pm to get better light. Images taken under the gazebo were much better, but still had issues in the background.

I learned quite a lot during this session. Several things I need to work on include: posing, paying closer attention to my backgrounds, NOT taking pictures of a toddler at a park (good grief! What was I thinking!?!), exposure…getting it right in camera makes a HUGE difference in editing, and I need to work on my ability to connect w/ the young’uns.

We got there, but it took us a while.