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As I look back through some of the images I’ve taken over the past couple of years, the ones that I tend to love the most are not the posey-posed portraits one most considers buying, but the imperfect ones and the special moments captured in between.  I almost always tend to edit these in black and white, as it gives them a certain timeless feel, a moment captured in time, an intimate expression shared. These two sisters have such a special bond, despite being so far apart in age. You can tell who has taught whom the “pursed lips model look.” Here, I asked for attitude…how funny that attitude is expressed so differently among the generations! Love these special moments between mother and daughter…so precious. Speaking of attitude…this little one can work it, girl!! Silly faces are a must, and these two had no shortage of them! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE beautifully posed images that capture the very essence of a person in one glance. But the simple side of me also loves the journalistic feel of capturing people’s personalities and intimate connections with those they love. What do you find yourself most drawn to? Please share your thoughts in the comments…