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Meet Katie. She’s a gorgeous young woman, inside and out, and has one of the most infectious smiles and laughs I’ve ever seen or heard. I love photographing women like her. It’s so easy and natural, almost effortless. She gave me one of the best birthday presents by allowing me to photograph her in this beautiful field of little yellow weeds flowers, and letting me process her images in a variety of (slightly subtle) ways.

I love photographing women – all women – and capturing their inner beauty as much as what’s on the outside. So often we women spend all our time working inside and/or outside the home, caring for our significant other, kids, coworkers, parents, siblings, friends…everyone but ourselves. When was the last time you got all gussied up and did something just for yourself?

Being photographed – for yourself – can be such an uplifting and gratifying experience for your soul. Just an hour or two of letting go, being yourself, laughing and allowing yourself the freedom to leave the stress of every day life somewhere else can refresh your spirit in immeasurable ways. Kind of like a spa treatment, but with something tangible you can keep as a memory and reflect on another day when life seems a little crazy.

Who are you? What do you love? Where is your happy place? This is what I want to capture. You. Being you. Letting all the love you have inside show through the honest and natural expressions brought out in the course of a photography session with me. Sometimes it’s absolute happiness and overwhelming joy, and sometimes it’s a serious glimpse into the more vulnerable part of your heart.

So, if you need a break from the stress of everyday life, would like to take some time to create something special for yourself or your significant other, or just need a day out to laugh and have some fun, give me a call! I’d love to photograph you being you, today. You won’t be the same person tomorrow.