Sometimes the best things happen at the last minute. 

Got a call from the nicest woman earlier this summer whose son and his family were coming for a visit the following week. She had the thought of possibly having family pictures taken while they were here. We talked a while about what she was looking for, the possibility of having the session at her home on their property, the style of images she likes (color, b/w, lifestyle, formal, etc.), wardrobe and makeup, etc. By the time we got off the phone, I had made plans to come for a short visit to their home to check out where we might shoot, get some ideas, and just meet. 

I love it when I just “click” with my clients. It becomes more than a photo session. It’s a collaboration; working together for a common goal. It’s knowing and understanding the client, what she truly wants in both the images and, ultimately, what she plans to do with them. In this case, she wanted a collection of images she could share, and maybe one or two to hang on the walls. Knowing this ahead of time allows me to plan the shoot to meet my clients’ needs, and it gives them a sense of assurance that they will get what they want. extended family portrait photography session

I knew this family would be easy-going, but technically challenging. There were 5 adults (mom, dad, daughter, son, and daughter-in-law), two toddling boys, and the family dog. I hired an assistant to help me with redirecting light, posing and ensuring all straps, strings and stray hairs were in place. I mapped the property and the combinations of images I’d take: individuals, two sets of siblings, two sets of couples, all the ladies, all the men, mother/daughters, father/sons, father/daughter, mother/sons, grandparents/grandkids, and last but not least, the entire group. 

Shew! That’s a LOT of combinations!

But what we ended up with was a beautiful gallery of images that reflect the kindness and beauty within each of them, as well as the spontaneous fun and laughter that comes when a close-nit family comes together to create an experience. extended family portrait photography session


I hope each time they look at these images, they remember this day together, the laughs we shared, and even a few moments of tears (which we ultimately laughed at, too!).