About Aimee


Hello, I’m Aimee – a 30-something wife and mother of two, currently a full-time business counselor and part-time professional photographer. I’ve been taking photographs and managing a family picture blog for over five years, and am extremely passionate about taking elegant portraits that tell a story, and capture the beauty and personality of every client. I am self-taught in both photography and Photoshop, and have been blessed with a good eye and creative mind. I enjoy meeting new people, laughing, making clients feel comfortable and beautiful throughout their session, and providing exceptional customer service from the moment we speak until I personally deliver the final products.

My style and approach to photography is rather simple: natural environment and natural beauty. I prefer real smiles to fake ones, true interaction to posed closeness, clean processing to trendy Photoshopping. Rich colors and strong black and whites are my preference, but I also enjoy a more old school/vintage look as well, provided it is appropriate for the image. I try to offer my clients a variety of enhancements to find a look and feel that suits them best.

Thank you for visiting, feel free to comment on my blog, and do, please, come back often.

Note: Please respect the fact that the images posted on this site are copyright protected and owned exclusively by me. Legal action will be taken for any unauthorized use of my images.

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