Look! Everything’s NEW!


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Happy New Year!!!!!!

My poor little blog. It has been so neglected over the past few months. Even though I’ve been busy with portrait sessions, glamour shoots, reworking my website, developing a new pricing structure, and attending workshops, I have allowed myself to ignore this very critical component of my business.


But! No more! Today is a turn in a new direction. You’ll find that my style is becoming more consistent, my focus is sharper, and my mission is clear: Bring out the beauty in every client.


Starting today, you’ll be seeing more posts from me on a regular basis. So, happy new year to all my fans and followers. I invite you to look around my website, check out the new pricing structure, some of my more recent work, and contact me if you have any questions.

Also, if you know of any high school Seniors who are fun, involved, stylish and love the camera…have them check out my new Senior Rep program.


May all your dreams come true this year! Have a blessed 2013!!


♫♪ Nice Day for a Black Wedding ♪♫ {Carbondale, IL Wedding Photographer}


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Disclaimer: Please excuse the modified reference to Billy Idol’s White Wedding.  It just kept running through my head!

At first, I wasn’t sure. A black wedding dress? Really? Hmm… that’s different. People are now finally starting to acclimate to the idea of black bridesmaids dresses, but a black wedding gown? I just wasn’t sure, but as she described her vision of a Greek-themed wedding, I knew it would be beautiful.

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was blown away by how well it worked. She looked beautiful. The bride and groom in black, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen all in white. It was absolutely lovely.

Such a beautiful couple, and I knew it from the moment I met them at the consultation. Together for over eight years, they knew each other well, and knew what they wanted for their day. We clicked right away, and I knew we’d not just work together, but become friends as well.The ceremony was a celebration, and the reception was the party to prove it!

It seems all wedding days have their blips and minor frustrations, but in the end, it all about the love. And there was no shortage of love in this room for this couple. And certainly no shortage of love between them.

Field of Dreams {Carbondale, IL Photographer of Women}


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Meet Katie. She’s a gorgeous young woman, inside and out, and has one of the most infectious smiles and laughs I’ve ever seen or heard. I love photographing women like her. It’s so easy and natural, almost effortless. She gave me one of the best birthday presents by allowing me to photograph her in this beautiful field of little yellow weeds flowers, and letting me process her images in a variety of (slightly subtle) ways.

I love photographing women – all women – and capturing their inner beauty as much as what’s on the outside. So often we women spend all our time working inside and/or outside the home, caring for our significant other, kids, coworkers, parents, siblings, friends…everyone but ourselves. When was the last time you got all gussied up and did something just for yourself?

Being photographed – for yourself – can be such an uplifting and gratifying experience for your soul. Just an hour or two of letting go, being yourself, laughing and allowing yourself the freedom to leave the stress of every day life somewhere else can refresh your spirit in immeasurable ways. Kind of like a spa treatment, but with something tangible you can keep as a memory and reflect on another day when life seems a little crazy.

Who are you? What do you love? Where is your happy place? This is what I want to capture. You. Being you. Letting all the love you have inside show through the honest and natural expressions brought out in the course of a photography session with me. Sometimes it’s absolute happiness and overwhelming joy, and sometimes it’s a serious glimpse into the more vulnerable part of your heart.

So, if you need a break from the stress of everyday life, would like to take some time to create something special for yourself or your significant other, or just need a day out to laugh and have some fun, give me a call! I’d love to photograph you being you, today. You won’t be the same person tomorrow.

Mom & Me Special Photo Session

Create some special memories with this special package deal for you and your mom, daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, or whomever you like! You can buy it today (or until May 13th, 2012) and use it anytime before the end of the year. It’s an amazing deal on both prints and a DVD of your gallery images to share with your friends and family.

Contact me for more information or to purchase the Mom & Me Special.



Not Another Party Picture Profile Image {head shots photographer, carbondale, il}


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Whether you are searching for a job, working as an independent consultant, Realtor, or insurance agent, marketing yourself on LinkedIn, or just need a new profile image on Facebook, it is always an excellent idea to have a professional head shot for your portfolio.

Ms. A, here, needed one for her resume because in the country where she intends to seek a position, it is still customary to include a portrait or head shot with your resume.

Despite the fact that she is not extremely comfortable in front of the camera, I was able to get her to relax and have fun with it. I used some of the posing techniques learned through a Creative Live workshop I attended a few weeks ago taught by Sue Bryce. She offered some amazing advice, and with her tips, I was able to focus on keeping things light and fun, while knowing exactly what I wanted to do to properly pose my subject.

This next one is my absolute fave from the session. Though I’m sure Ms. A would say she felt like a contortionist in this pose, she looks very natural and relaxed with a beautiful smile. The light caught her eyes just perfectly and, in both the black/white and color version, they just pop right out of the image.

The following is an example of the power of Photoshop; and also, an excellent reminder to carefully skim your subject every time before snapping that shutter.

Notice anything different between these two images? … That’s right! Her collar was up in the original, and though it is an excellent image – good light, nice pose and expression – the collar just killed it for me. I mean, c’mon! You CAN’T put that on a resume! So, with a little bit of magic, the popped collar was tamed and all was right with the world.

Party pictures and poses are a dime a dozen, and really do speak volumes when it comes to making an impression on someone – especially a potential employer. Therefore, mix it up a bit and be sure to have something more professional in your photo gallery; not just the ones of you mixing it up on the dance floor with a rum & coke in your hands. Those may come in handy at the company Christmas Party, but you’ve gotta work for the company first!

So, tell me…are you ready for YOUR close up?